Progress Report #2

Can you believe it’s already been one week.

No, I’ve been slack and need to pick this up again. But alas, it’s been an eventful few weeks. I had completed all my subculturing, submitted a manuscript, gotten my manuscript rejected, started my proposal, went to the wedding of one of my favourite people, and chucked out almost a quarter of my subcultures due to a mite infestation.

And here I thought I’d left the mites behind since leaving the greenhouse. But nope. No luck.


But it’s not all doom and gloom.

On the plus side, I’m fair certain I’ve gotten at least an analogue for all the cultures I’ve made. And means less PCR samples. But minus side. Maybe I lost a few.

Which brings me to PCR. Last time I did that, I was in my second year doing a genetics course. Of course all I rememeber/took from the course was how to characterise Drosophila melanogaster bits under a microscope. But the skill I mainly developed was using just the right amount of pressure to anaesthetise the flies on ice and not turn them into fly putty. All this meant that I hadn’t the foggiest idea how to PCR.

Though I’ve been comforted with the fact that someone will be walking me (holding my hand) through the motions.

I mean there’s definitely a limit to how badly I can screw up PCR right.

Who knows. Maybe giving myself a sixth finger won’t be too bad.

Progress Report #1

Long overdue – but I’ve come to realise that there’s a limited amount of things to actually write about. So forgive me if the “things” become more abstract.I began this venture as an attempt to get myself writing more and I’ll be damned before I drop out after three weeks! So before I start abstracting, I’ll start with some more things that have happened.

I’ve now completed all my fungal isolations.

That was a monumental moment for me that lacked any fanfare and kind of fizzled with the dying wheeze of a deflating balloon. I remember chipping up my last wood block and clapping my hands together and thinking “done!” before thinking about catching the bus home.

I suppose realising that it was the first of many milestones to have happened kinda dulled any celebration. I expect there to be a lot of steps to be done before I can step away from the lab for a bit. Being woefully behind on reading isn’t inspiring much confidence in me.

The next few steps involve further subculturing by placing fungi on one plate to another.

Then the massive task of identifying all the plates I have. I think i’ll let myself have a party when that finally rolls along.

In the meantime, I’m trying to submit a manuscript – but the process is just a hoop after a hoop after a hoop and I just wish they could streamline the process and make it just a little friendlier.

Also I’m going to attempt to write every week again. Just to get into a rhythm again.

Even if the posts are disjointed and short. It’ll be good to pick up the habit.