is bloody hard.

It always seems to come as a shock when my hands do a fantastic impression of spirit-fingers over the keyboard; they never quite touch it and yet when they do, it’s normally followed with the ferocious tapping of the backspace key.

I wonder if they intentionally change the pressure plate of the backspace – it always seems to sound louder. That or maybe I have more conviction in what I know to be wrong compared to the tentative stringing together of words to form sentences I’m proud of.

I write slowly.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not 100% on facts. Maybe it’s because I’m neurotic and if my sentences don’t flow perfectly, they’re not good enough.

I also don’t draft nearly as often as I should.

All of the above basically means that come writing season, I’d be lucky to get more than a paragraph a day.

That’s almost a win.