Molecular Madness

I suppose it comes as little surprise to people that molecular work is finicky. I thought I knew that until I started working on it. I’ve managed to contaminate my negative control 3 out of the 5 times I whipped up the master mix and somehow, just somehow, I managed to get a clean sequence out of it.

Jess, the amazing human being matched with equally amazing patience finally deduced that one of my core PCR ingredients was contaminated.

Hur Dur.

So of course when I mixed up another batch, the contamination persisted.

Hur Dur^2

Jess then suggested that maybe I’m getting spores from the outside of my tubes. And considering the fact that many of my fungi are sporulating like mad, it was very likely true.

So now I’ll be redoing some samples and hopefully I’ll have clean PCR products to run sequences.

And then begin the next chapter of my molecular madness journey and learn a brand new technique!

I would say I miss the greenhouse, but honestly, i’m kinda digging this white lab coat business.