Nine Month Mark

Nine months.

That went by quick.

Of course it’s closer to 10 months by now, but i’ve had this draft open for the past few weeks with every intention to get some words on paper. Not to be of course. But I have given myself the goal to write some sort of a progress report and unlike the previous few posts, boy do I have things to report.

After much wrestling with PCR and mite infestations, I am happy to report that yes, I have put that chapter behind me. Not to say I won’t revisit said chapter, but for the foreseeable future, I am working on my first experiment!

Which has been put into logistical limbo for the past few months.

If it wasn’t delayed meetings it was reagents taking forever to arrive. Then it was a failure of the agar to set. But all my fears and anxieties were allayed by the reassurances of everyone from fellow PhD students to my review panel going “oh yes, shit happens.” Though that does little to halt the feeling that I haven’t achieved much this year. Which I know at least on a logical level is complete bollocks. I have extracted a library full of fungi,make agar, make antibiotic agar, learnt how to PCR, clean DNA, prepare sequencing reactions, reviewed the literature, actually review two papers (i’m so sorry), plan my papers and have had several successful meetings with the post docs of my supervisors.

Having written that all down i can conclude that yes. It has been an eventful year.

Yet I still don’t have data.

Which is a bummer, yes, but in the meantime I’m working on an old manuscript.

And wrestling with R.

At least i think i’m winning in that altercation.

I think.




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