The Second Pilot.

Because the first one didn’t go as well as it could have.

Pilot studies are pretty integral when you go exploring in uncharted territory. Doubly so when you’re borrowing a technique and then changing bits and pieces of it. While the technique is pretty established and relatively fool-proof, changing it up has had it’s issues.

Now I had set this up on Monday this week. It’s currently Friday and two days behind my intended schedule for my first data point collection. And that was because I had set it up Monday morning, then promptly developed a fever Monday night. After spending three days in bed running a 38-39 (102-103?) degree fever, I hoisted my ass out of bed dosed on enough drugs to make sure I don’t screw up a 10 minute plate read.

This entire shebang would’ve been a lot easier if I didn’t live a 2 hour train ride away. Even now as I type on the train I can feel the cold sweat and clammy feeling on my skin.

And im going to try my hardest not to sneeze onto my indicator plates.

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