Progress report #3

What has happened since the last post?

I’ve completed the first experiment, come up with a new idea, flown to Europe, fleshed out said idea, back to Sydney, finished developing the idea, come up with a new path for the PhD, moved out of the old building, moved out.

It has been an eventful few months to say the least.

I suppose biggest difference. Change in the PhD.

My previous question was incredibly function-based. Not that that itself was a problem, but it was built on a premise that was rickety to begin with. The trip to Europe was fantastic to clear that up. But at a fundamental level, the field lacked a cohesive conceptual framework to test hypotheses. Lots of research was coming out, but it lacked a central point to gather into theory.

Here comes the change.

I had realised that I was attempting to build upon existing observations, but those observations had little general theoretical underpinning. It’s difficult to make sense of data, when the data doesn’t build up to something. So now I’m attempting to build up the conceptual framework. To create a thread of theory to attach observations and data to.

Now my background wasn’t in community ecology, and it comes as a bit of a shock to myself to find myself theorising about the drivers of community assembly. It’s an incredibly hot field currently, and to ride that particular wave is exciting.

Now comes the hard part of finding a place to accept that idea.

And back off to writing i go.






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